Prepare for Estate Planning with the
Estate Director Guide to Living Trusts & Wills
Estate planning guide.

What's ironic about estate planning? When legal fees add up, some professional estate planners seem to drain your wealth instead of secure it. Your preparation can make all the difference. For the cost of a few Starbuck's indulgences, you could save thousands in attorneys' fees and save countless hours for those managing your estate.

Liken a will or trust to a vehicle. The Estate Director is a set of maps to quickly and efficiently guide the vehicle to its intended destination.

The Estate Director Planning Guide Helps You:

  • Plan for a last will or trust,
  • Assemble dozens of estate planning documents, and
  • Prepare information for legal guardians.
It also explains how to find a qualified and affordable estate planner to complete the remaining work. Read on for details, a free sample and an inexpensive download. We're BBB accredited and offer a money-back guarantee.

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Learn the Four Elements of Estate Planning

Our comprehensive guide moves through four key steps of estate planning:
  1. Working with an estate planner: Learn how to choose a qualified and affordable estate planning attorney. The Estate Director shares valuable tips about what to ask prospective planners, how to prepare for meetings, and how to help minimize the time an attorney needs to spend on your living will or trust.

  2. Assembling estate information: The Estate Director helps you organize all pertinent estate planning information into one convenient document. Accessible and comprehensive information about your estate can be invaluable to your spouse, power of attorney agents, will executors and trustees. If those handling your estate cannot locate information in a timely manner, your legacy and intentions might be compromised.

  3. Preparing guardians: Our unique guide goes beyond the basics of living wills and trusts to help you prepare for guardianships. The Estate Director provides opportunities to record information that's not included in a standard last will and testament template. Document your values regarding money, education, religion and much more.

  4. Preparing for medical needs: Basic power of attorney documents fail to include important medical information. Estate Director helps you organize pertinent healthcare information that might not be mentioned elsewhere.

The Estate Director is money well spent. By working through the guide, you'll become well prepared to find an estate planner, hold efficient meetings and help ensure that your intentions will be realized.

Sample Pages from the Estate Director

We offer a 100% guarantee. If you're not satisfied, simply request a refund within five days of purchase.

Download The Complete Estate Director for $19.95

Download the complete Estate Director guide to last wills and trusts. The Estate Director especially benefits those in the earlier planning stages and complements most existing estate plans.

It's worth $19.95 blank. It's worth a lot more filled out.

After making a secure online payment, you can immediately download the Estate Director in your preferred format. You may also download additional versions to share with friends and family.

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